Viral Launch Vs. Jungle Scout Review

Viral Launch Vs. Jungle Scout Review

This review is to help you to choose the best tools for your product research and find a winning Amazon FBA product

Amazon introduced a platform Fulfillment by Amazon that solves most of the problems faced by entrepreneurs by making the world a marketplace by letting you store products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and Amazon is responsible for the picking, packaging, shipment and customer service. The problem arises for sellers is which product research tool to use especially between the two hand-picked best product research tools from our expertise, Jungle Scout and Viral Launch. This article includes a Viral Launch Review and a Jungle Scout Review which will help you easily make up your mind.

Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout is the product research tool which has been in the market for the longest time: three years. It offers a WebApp and a Jungle Scout Chrome Extension by which entrepreneurs can discover profitable products to sell. The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension will help the users to access data from a page or search on Amazon and access information such as product prices, estimated sales, and review counts with a simple click. The web app offers the users access to different filters to filter the database by category, price, or sales. It comes with a product hunter, a product tracker, and a niche hunter. The app is known to give accurate results and estimations, while some users feel that the results are inflated and exaggerated, and prior knowledge is required to interpret results.  While it is true that Jungle Scout offers clear and a user-friendly interface, the validity of the data is questionable. The estimates are based on sales ranks which are liable to change very quickly. There is also a disparity in the data provided by the Jungle Scout WebApp and the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. Moreover, some products are not included at all.

The prices for Jungle Scouts vary depending on each package. Check the pictures below to see what comes with each package.

Jungle Scout Review By Novaonlineproducts
Monthly Prices.
Jungle Scout Review By Novaonlineproducts
Annual prices.





Jungle Scout Review By Novaonlineproducts
The bad part with Jungle Scout is that you have to pay a one-time fee to get access to their chrome extension.

To try Jungle Scout, press here and then press chose your package!

Viral Launch Review

Viral Launch is a product research tool that has been in the market for almost two years but has made its market presence known strongly with the multitude of features it offers. It has launched up to 30,000 products as yet. The software includes amazing features like market intelligence, product discovery, keyword research and market intelligence as a more in-depth chrome extension. It provides sales estimates, sellers rank, average star ratings just like Jungle Scout, but it also goes a mile further and offers the average reviews number which is the reviews on average received in the particular niche and even a useful tool: the margin and profit estimates. It also provides sellers with amazon market trends which helps the sellers understand the prevailing sales trends and manage their products with that perspective. It also allows users to sort their products with a profitability score which shows which products will help receive maximum profit. With the database of over 350 million products and supporting markets in 10 different countries, users of this tool are set to obtain the best features. What I love the most with Viral launch is that you can track keywords for PPC bids and with market intelligence, you can see how many giveaways you will have to give to rank first place or to obtain a page rank. What’s more is that users can even avail a free trial to see if the tool is suited to their tastes or not!

Viral Launch Review By Novaonlineproducts
Monthly prices for Viral Launch.
Viral Launch Review By Novaonlineproducts
Annual prices for Viral Launch.







This Viral Launch and Jungle Scout review present an unbiased view by targeting the facts. The rest is up to you as the ball is now in your court!

Our review today will give Jungle Scout a 8/10 due to not having the chrome extension with the web app package, but still, you can get it forever when paying the one time fee!

We will rate Viral Launch a strong 10/10. The prices are very high with VL too, but it’s a worth the investment if you find the correct product and if you don’t need for example product discovery and keyword research, then you can just get market intelligence! With Viral Launch, you get more in-dept with your research.

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